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At Christ Rose Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, our mission, our goal, our hope is to not only serve love through food but to establish relationships and provide what they stand in need of. Currently, our resources and efforts allow us to accommodate 250 families per month. Our intentions are to assist the community until they are able to be self-sufficient. Our services provide relief to families and anyone who is currently experiencing hardships, low to moderate-income individuals in Houston and surrounding areas. While we know that we won't solve all of the issues, but we sincerely hope that through food,  furniture, and essential items, we can alleviate the pressure and the burden of what's often taken for granted.



Every month we hold The Community Food and Resource Fair with partnering organizations. Presently we are asking for you to join our mission of serving the community. Hopefully, we can count on your efforts on a consistent basis.



With your support, we can meet the needs of those in our Houston community.

One person can do great work, but as a unit, we can make dynamic changes. Help Christ Rose to fill the gap of poverty that affects children and those in between, including our elders and veterans. We are asking for your support in sharing that Christ's love still exists, help us to do great work, share compassion and love with our neighbors.


In sharing Christ's love, you are not only helping us do great work, but you are also showing that compassion and selfless deeds exist among one another. You will not only be a gifter of love but an ambassador of what Christ intended love to look like among each other as brothers and sisters despite our differences. This unity will show that despite our differences, we all have a heart to show love and genuine kindness.

Can we count on you to join the mission?

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